St. Louis Tattoo Artists

Self Inflicted Studios employs award winning tattoo artists who understand the importance of getting the right tattoo in the right place. From the first point of contact we will work with you to help fully develop and bring your ideas to paper, and on to skin. All of our artists have the ability to draw your tattoo on the spot. Talk about a custom tattoo! Look around our studio, you will not find our walls lined with flash art, where you are forced to pick from a number of pre-drawn tattoos (we do have some, don’t worry, but they are hidden and you have to find them!). Our emphasis is creating one-off custom tattoos – pieces of art if you will.

Want to bounce some ideas around? We encourage you to reach out to our artists, either by email or by calling our studio. We’d love to talk with you about your plans and look forward to working with (and on) you!

Tommy Rath

Since his start in ’99, Tommy Rath has spent his time practicing towards the perfection of his artistry and in the conquering of his goals. A highly motivated artist and shop owner Tommy Rath has set new standards for his local area by creating an immaculate Tattoo studio and art gallery combination that is truly one of a kind.

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Jesse Tranter

Boasting art mediums such as tattooing, air brushing, painting, and an impressive freehand drawing skill, Jesse Tranter’s art is nothing short of brilliant. A tattoo artist since 1998 Jesse has worked at multiple shops all over St. Louis and one in Florida gathering the respect and amazement of anyone in the presence of his creations.

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Ian Arseneau

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Mikah Webb

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Tattoo After Care

You have your fresh piece of artwork, take good care of it! A tattoo is not complete until it has fully healed. We’ve done our part, from this point forward it’s your responsibility to make sure it properly heals. A really beautiful tattoo can turn bad if the proper aftercare is not taken.

Please click here to view our aftercare instructions.